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Williams Darryl Williams Ms. Miller English Composition 10-22-09 Dellwood Thinking back, as if I was some old man in a rocking chair with my head tilted and eyes in a gaze trying to remember a story to tell his grandchildren, I reminisce about my high school days. I am sure that I am not the only nostalgic person at my age. Adults seem to echo only what they want to believe, which coincidentally is what they are trying to teach others to believe, also. Being spoken to like I can not “remember” my childhood, because I am supposedly still a child, is quite irritating. Obviously, I can remember anything if it happened in the past, but in any case my thoughts can be surprisingly elusive. Metaphorically speaking, my thoughts are the lily pads that are just not strong enough to hold the frog’s weight above water. Right when I think I have the thought that I was thinking of, down it goes into the pond that is my overcrowded mind. One “lily pad” however, can hold up any “frog” looking to rest on my saved cache of information, and that is the memory of my old neighborhood of Dellwood. Of all the places in the city of St. Louis, which is where I was born and raised, my mind refuses to let me forget Dellwood. How could I? This is the place that taught me and molded me into the person I am today, and for that reason, this is why I always come back. 1709 Cargill Drive was the address where it all started. It was the cornerstone for every other building block of my high school career. When I lived in that semi old brick house that sat at the end of a wavy road, which winded and coiled like the body of a snake. My house would have been the head of this great serpent. This street became as legendary as the Lockness
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Dellwood - Williams Darryl Williams Ms. Miller English...

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