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Darryl Williams C. Leigh McInnis ENG 105-06 17 February 2010 Discussion Questions 1. Comment on the significance of the phrase “the duties and working conditions” in paragraph 1. The phrase lets the reader know that the differences in the duties and working conditions of a nursing staff will be discussed in the essay. 2. Piont out effective supporting details in the essay. What do they accomplish? The author says the first shift consists of “nursing duties include taking temperatures, pulses, and respirations,” while during the second shift “team members inform patients about their conditions and teach them how to care for themselves after discharge.” These quotes accomplish the author’s goal in showing the reader how the duties of different
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Unformatted text preview: nursing staff at different shifts vary. 3. What pattern of organization does the writer use? The author uses chronilogical order. 4. Explain why the writer ends the third sentence of paragraph 5 as follows: “recording how patients have tolerated treatment medication.” What can you learn from this explanation? The author wants the reader to know even though the duties between shifts differ, they compliment each other as well. The nurses working the second shift provide information about the patients so the nurses working the first shift will know exactly how to treat each patient in the morning....
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