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Darryl Williams C. Liegh McInnis ENG 105-06 26 February 2010 Exercises: 1. How would each of the following people be most likely to classify the families in Anytown, USA? a. The bishop of the Roman Catholic diocese in which the city is located Congregation, Affiliation, Fellowship b. The state senator who represents the city Voters, Citizens, Tax payers c. A field worker for the NAACP Friends, Students, Parents d. The director of the local credit bureau Customers, Tax payers, Consumers 2. The following lists contain overlapping categories. Identify the inconsistent item in each list and explain why it is faulty. Nurses Pictures Electorate in Midville Surgical nurses Oil paintings Republicans Psychiatric nurses Magazine illustrations Democrats Emergency nurses Lithographs Nonvoters Terminal care nurses Watercolors Independents Night nurses Etchings A night nurse can also be categorized under surgical, psychiatric, emergency, or terminal. Oil paintings, lithographs, watercolors, and etchings can all be illistrated in a magazine.
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Unformatted text preview: Republicans, democrats, and independents have the option not to vote, which would make them nonvoters also. Discussion Questions: 1. What is the writers purpose in developing this classification? Where does he state it? The writer plans to explain the difference between different produce customers in his introduction. 2. In what order has he arranged his categories? Refer to the essays when answering. The writer arranges his categories from least annoying to most annoying. 3. Demonstrate that the writer has avoided overlapping categories. The writer lets the reader know that no customer falls under more than one category. 4. How do you know he hasnt discussed every category of undesirable customers? The writer starts the introduction by saying that there is as large a variety of customers as there are fruits and vegetables....
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