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English Final - Darryl Williams Ms Miller English...

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Darryl Williams Ms. Miller English Composition 12-9-09 Poverty: Who is to Blame? Poverty has always been a problem in the United States whether one knows it or not. The poor have always been those people that were overlooked, because most people refuse to notice them. These days, people just do not care to help someone begging for change on the sidewalk. The situation does not even have to be that extreme. The average person trying to scramble up change for the bus will most likely be denied several times before they either receive the necessary amount or simply give up. The world is a cold and unforgiving one, indeed. Many think that if the poor want help then they should help themselves. This is a task that sounds simple enough, but is performing this task as simple as it sounds? One could argue that the poor do not choose to live in poverty, but are forced to from the lack of wealth. On the other hand, everyone is responsible for their own lives, and precautions can be taken to make sure one will never subdue to poverty. The future of one’s life is based marginally on decisions made in the past, therefore poverty can be prevented and those living in poverty should be held responsible for their situations. Many people would say that the government should be held responsible for the country’s state of poverty, but the fact is the government can only do so much. The country can not expect the government to solve everyone’s individual problems. Their only responsibility is to make sure that the overall economy of the country is running smoothly. The U.S. administration can not be blamed for the situations that the poor are living in. Jo Goodwin Parker, author of “What
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English Final - Darryl Williams Ms Miller English...

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