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Darryl Williams English 105-02 Ms. Miller 11-19-09 Who Are You?: Analysis of Select Short Story Characters Story telling is a part of our history and has always been, but what makes a story memorable and worth telling over and over again are the characters that dwell within. A story is nothing more than a mosaic made of unique and wonderful characters that are all entwined together to form a beautiful masterpiece. Authors use their characters to draw upon the feelings of the reader so they can feel as if they are in the story. Short stories are capable of doing this in only a few pages. There are three quite interesting short stories that have even more interesting characters: Hulga, from O’Conner’s “Good Country People”; Mrs. Hutchinson, from Oats’ “Lottery”; and Connie and Arnold Friend from Jackson’s “Where are you going? Where have you been?” Each of these stories along with each of these characters is very unique in their own way, but they all show how appearances can conflict with reality. “Good Country People” is about a small family that has a very rude daughter with an artificial leg. The daughter, Hulga, lives with her guard up her whole life, but when she finally lets her guard down her leg is stolen. “The Lottery” is a short story about an old-fashioned town that has a special lottery every so often, but the winner receives a prize that no one wants. “Where have you been? Where are you going?” tells a story about an uncomfortable situation in the life of a teenage girl named, Connie. Strange and disturbing events occur when she encounters a man named Arnold Friend. Hulga, Mrs. Hutchinson, Connie, and Arnold Friend prove to be fascinating characters through: Hulga’s nihilistic attitude toward life; Mrs. Hutchinson’s hypocritical personality; Connie’s overactive imagination and self-centeredness; and Arnold Friend’s charismatic, but almost eerie personality. Hulga, from O’Conner’s “Good Country People” is one of those characters that you love
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English - Darryl Williams English 105-02 Ms. Miller...

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