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Darryl Williams C. Liegh McInnis ENG 105-06 5 March 2010 Much Needed Entrepreneurship Alper, Patty. “Adopt-A-Class and Teach What You Know”. Entrepreneurship.Gov. 12 June 2006. 1 March 2010. http://www.entrepreneurship.gov/ResourcesCenter/Topics/ TheEntrepreneur/14136.html. Alper tries to convey that it is the responsibility of the successful entrepreneurs to teach aspiring entrepreneurs. She explains how she donates to high school students who wish to become entrepreneurs. Alper then starte Adopt-A-Class and visits a school every month to teach them about the business world. Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. “Entrepreneurs and the Economy”. Dallasfed.Org . 4 March 2010. 1 March 2010. http://www.dallasfed.org/educate/everyday/ev3.html . This article tells the reader that the economy can not survive without entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are those few individuals who are willingto take monetary risks for the good of the economy. New business always boosts the economy if even only for a short period of time.
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