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Williams Darryl Williams History 101-05 Mr. Harvey 11-19-09 Major Events of the 15 th Century Darryl Williams History 101-05 Mr. Harvey 11-19-09 Major Events of the 15 th Century Even though civilization is constantly moving forward into the future history allows people to take a look in the past so they can learn about how things used to be. There is much one can learn from going back in time, so to speak, and finding out what happened and how things were done at an earlier period. There are so many accessible resources one can use to gather data on the past such as: old films, pictures, books, recordings, propaganda, paraphernalia, internet, and news papers. The 15 th century has so much to offer anyone trying to discover something interesting about the past. Events from the 15 th century range from important inventions such as the piano, the golf ball, the trigger, and oil painting; to the first parachute design, bell chimes, and the first map globe. (Bellis 1) All of these events are very important landmarks in history. However, there are three events that tend to stand out more than the others: the Renaissance, the Age of Discovery, and Gutenberg’s invention of the movable type press. The Renaissance, Age of Discovery, and Gutenberg’s type press are the most important events of the 15 th century, especially in Europe, because they all helped to promote and spread new ideas and inventions. The Renaissance started in Florence, Italy and it spanned from the 12 th to 17 th century. This was an era in time when people had a sudden spur of artistic and intellectual enlightenment and felt the need to spread their talents. This is why the Renaissance could not be contained to just Italy and therefore it spread all over Europe. People are starting to take a look at ancient
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Williams Greece and Rome to spark new ideas and beliefs at this time. There is also a great amount of Latin influence that in turn started a debate on the greater of the two major philosophical teachings. These two teachings branch from those of Plato’s and Aristotle. From these great debates come academic and spiritual leaders such as Barlaam the Calabrian and Nicephorus Gregoras. Barlaam the Calabrian teaches Aristotelianism, which includes epistemology, metaphysics, aesthetics, and the philosophy of nature. Nicephorus Gregoras teaches with a more Platonic view seeing abstract concepts independent of their names. Art is also a major part of this era, because there were many new artists coming into the spot light and many new techniques of painting and sculpting and so forth were discovered. Art started to have a more natural feel to it than in the 14 th century when it came to painting and sculptures and a more classical look for architecture. 15 th century art appears to center around the Catholic Church, which is where much of art was placed. Carlo Crivelli painted beautiful and intricate alter pieces, while Giorgione and
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History Paper - Williams Darryl Williams History 101-05 Mr....

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