Organized Religion or Atheism

Organized Religion or Atheism - Darryl Williams C Liegh...

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Darryl Williams C. Liegh McInnis ENG 105-06 24 February 2010 Organized Religion or Atheism? Religion has been around as long as man has been on this earth, but people still can not figure it out completely. Man continues to place all of their faith in a god or gods they can neither see, nor hear. Has man completely ignored what he knows to be true only to follow beliefs that are irrational and contradictory? Are all of these scientific advances that man accomplishes for naught, just because diminishing them allows one to ignorantly devout their lives to imaginary deities? However, organized religion is not entirely asinine. Most religions teach one good values in life. For example, Buddhism’s Eightfold Path seeks to enrich one’s wisdom, ethical conduct, and mental development. Yet, no matter how much good religion does the world, the bad still out-weighs everything else. Atheism is something everyone should consider becoming, because organized religion tends to mostly start wars, contradict itself, and weaken the mind. There are more negative side effects to religion, but the starting of wars, major contradictions in texts, and the fact that most minds are weakened by it are the most prevalent cons. These problems are not going to disappear along with religion, but they will definitely be reduced.
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Organized Religion or Atheism - Darryl Williams C Liegh...

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