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Trumpet Masterclass

Trumpet Masterclass - Darryl Williams Owen Rockwell MUS 205...

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Darryl Williams Owen Rockwell MUS 205 11 March 2010 Trumpet Masterclass I attended the Trumpet Masterclass recital on the third of March. It was held in the recital hall of the F.D. Hall Music Center. The recital began around noon and about an hour long in length, which is an average time for a recital. There were two guest artists present at the recital. One of them was a European man by the name of John Walsh. He is a well-renewned trumpet player as well as a very capable instructor. The second guest artist was a pianist named Colman Pearce. He donated his time to the recital so that he could accompany the trumpet soloists. The first piece was a selection from G.P. Telemann’s Heroic Music . It was performed by Damien Emilien, a junior at Jackson State University. He played this piece on a miniature that had four valves. Walsh explains that this specially made trumpet was perfect for this particular piece, which was composed during the Baroque period. The Baroque period began in 1600 with
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