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Pump Water w =1000Kg/m 3 w =1.3x10 -6 m 2 /s g=9.8m/s 2 A pipe S. Yavuzkurt ME 320 2&3 Sept. 30, 2011 Fall 2011 DUE: OCT. 7, IN CLASS HW# 4 Show all assumptions, derivations, integrals and calculations An experimental vehicle with a water ( w =1000Kg/m 3 , w =1.3x10 -6 m 2 /s) propulsion system is being tested as shown in the figure. The details of the propulsion system are also given. The vehicle rides on an oil film ( o =900 Kg/m 3 , o =0.0001 m 2 /s) h= 1mm thick with a linear velocity profile. The velocity at point A is measured with a U-tube manometer containing mercury ( m =13,550 Kg/m 3 ). The velocity profile in the pipe in fully-developed part of the flow is given as u/U max =(1-r/R) 1/7 . ( Hint: to integrate (1-r/R) 1/7 use change of variables e.g. 1-r/R ) a. What is a boundary layer? What is the difference between the boundary layer and the region outside? What is the difference between a boundary layer flow and a fully-developed flow? Explain each with one or two sentences. b. What is the pressure difference P
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