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Unformatted text preview: The Pennsylvania State University, Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering NUC E 301: Fundamentals of Reactor Physics Fall Semester 2011 Homework 5 Due Friday, October 7, 2011 1. (10 pts) Problem 5.1 from S&F 2. (10 pts) Problem 5.2 from S&F 3. (10 pts) Problem 5.4 from S&F 4. (10 pts) In Fig. 5.13 S&F the quantity (∆N/N)/∆t drops for longer measurement time interval ∆t, even though we know that λ is a constant. In your own words explain this apparent inconsistency. 5. (10 pts) Problem 5.7 from S&F 6. (10 pts) Problem 5.12 from S&F 7. (10 pts) Problem 5.14 from S&F. In (b) the question should be: If the sample were originally pure 210Pb, what would be the activity of 210Bi at time t = 10 d? 8. (10 pts) Problem 5.16 from S&F 9. (10 pts) Problem 5.17 from S&F 10. (10 pts) Problem 5.20 from S&F S&F: Shultis & Faw, “Fundamentals of Nuclear Science and Engineering” ...
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