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Name SoLo{l on J PSUID The Pennsylvania State_Universit'', Department of N{echanical and Nuclear Engineedng NUC E 301: Fundamentals of Reactor physics Fall Semester 201.1 Qurz 2 September 7,2011 1. (4 ptO A snowballis thtown at a person with a velocity close to the speed of light. Fortunately, the snowball melts before reaching the person. According to the special theory oflehti'iq,, do the follov,ing properties increase, decrease, or remain the same (circle one) as compared to their non-relatir,'istic valuesi Reference Frame of Person Reference Frame of Snowball The mass of the snowball g ficreaseY decrease - same \-/ increase - decrease {same The mass of the person idE-rease - *gg-se {su-9 \ r - rlncfeas\ - decrease - same \, The radius of the snowball increase { decrease} same -/-------\ \_ ,-- in-Elrease - decrease {*q" ) The time for the snowball to melt (tncreasgl decrease - same increase - decrease f.}?-)
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Unformatted text preview: that certain pairs of physical quantities cannot be simultaneously measured with absolute certainty'. Provide one example of-a par of such phvsicai quantities.- Howtr,rh&n o,NA po k;trotr w Ene^71 o^,4 kn*e 3. (1 pt) Write down the the expression that allows conversion from rest mass (mo) into enetgv (E) and vice vefsa. I r-t-=h4o(.2 1. ( 1 pt) Name the process in which an incident photon collides with an electron, causing the photon to change its wavelength and the electron to recoil. Cr^^-r{h^ r*K (1 pt) \\4rich statement agrees with the wave-particle duality postulate (cfucie one)? (a) Matter can have properties of waves and particles. Radiation can only have properties of v/aves. (b) Radiation can have properties waves and patticles. Matter can only have properties of particles. ( (c) |Ianer and radiation both can have properties of waves and paticles....
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