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Name $&"6't s PSUID The Pennsylvania State Universiry Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engrneering NUC E 30t Fundamentals of Reactor Phvsics Fall Semester 20111. Quiz 7 October 17,2011 1. (2 pts) Name the two thresholds that must be met ot exceeded in otder for a nuclear reaction to occur betrveen a charged projectile and a target nucleus. [ine,^^e$u tl^rcsh,r&\ q-"d C*b*rb a&res!n*A . 2. (1 pt) What does it mean for a neutron to be thermal? [+&J 4, Iq"ed.c ."r(t (*e^ouo*^rc) + o.oLgev ) rt t=LLoo ^ls. 3. (2 pt.) Express how the kinetic energy resulting from an exothermic (Q>0) reaction is split betu'een the products in the following nucleat teaction: r * X -+
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Unformatted text preview: A + Y, in tetms of the Q-value and the masses rrln) rnx> m, and nzy. Assume that the kinetic energy of teactants is much smaller than Q. E::0 -l -, ,rrt +rry\y ,+. (1 pt) \lhich of the following nuclides could slow down a neutron the most in an elastic scattering collision (circle one)? @ 5. (2 pts) On the following axes sketch the distribution of fission products resulting from 23sU fission. t,: Q tt -' n"1t /vry 208Pb t2c 60Co Atomic mass number (A) 240 can induce fission in 23sU and 238U. 6. (1 pt) Photons of sufficiendy hi trAISE...
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