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1. The forecasting time horizon that  would typically be easiest to predict  for would be the Your Answer:   CORRECT. 2. A forecast that projects a company's  sales is a(n) Your Answer:   CORRECT. 3. Quantitative methods of forecasting  include Your Answer:   CORRECT. 4. The method that considers several  variables that are related to the  variable being predicted is Your Answer: weighted moving average Correct Answer: multiple regression   INCORRECT. This only looks at the variable being predicted.
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5. The forecasting model that is based  upon salesperson's estimates of  expected sales is Your Answer: jury of executive opinion Correct Answer: sales force composite   INCORRECT. This method uses the opinion of a small group of high-level managers. 6. Decomposing a time series refers to  breaking down past data into the  components of Your Answer: long-term, short-term, and medium Correct Answer:
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1 - Theforecastingtimehorizonthat...

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