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Bathroom Plumbing Tips Your bathroom is certainly a very sensitive area, so take care of it. Problems with your sink, bathtub or toilet can make your life literally hell. So try avoiding them. Proper initial installation of the plumbing system, systematic checks during its functional life and proper care are three important tips which should not be ignored, as they are the key to a long problem free operation of your bathroom plumbing fixtures. Rather than directly calling a professional to handle the problems with your bathroom, in case they arise, it’s better to get some basic knowledge about how to go about such situations yourself. In case of clogs, it’s not a bad idea to plunge, but it’s not the best either. Well, you might be successful too so don’t cringe away from plunging. Place the plunger on the mouth of the drain and plunge it up and down a few times. This movement leads to changes in the pressure of the air inside the pipe, which might cause the clogging content to pop up into the plunger. However, it is also a possibility that the plunger would
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