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Bathroom vanity installation

Bathroom vanity installation - Bathroom vanity installation...

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Bathroom vanity installation One of the most important necessities of your home is the bathroom vanity! Well, vanity consists of the bathroom sink and the storage unit. In case, if there comes a problem and you have to replace it, you would require some basic knowledge about it. You might use a plastic plumbing kit or a brass plumbing kit; the basic setup is the same. Well, plastic drainpipes are a bit sensitive so it is not necessary to use pipe wrenches on them. First of all, get the supply lines. Now, you need to look for the tap waterline connections at the bottom of the sink. Next, you need to connect the supply lines with the tap waterline connections. Be ready with your wrench, as you are to use it in order to tighten the connection. Now connect the supply lines with the shut off regulators located in the back wall beneath the sink. Again use a wrench for tightening purposes. Next, you are to place the drain pipe tailpiece on the bottom of the sink drain. Now you are to put the nut provided in your kit over it and fit it into the sink drain. Use your hands
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