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Bite of Seattle

Bite of Seattle - Bite of Seattle The largest event held in...

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Bite of Seattle The largest event held in Seattle is the Bite of Seattle, arranged by the Seattle Center each summer. From all over Seattle, culinary professionals come together to have a grand party in July under a clear and sunny sky. Don’t fall in the trap of believing that the Bite of Seattle is all about awesome food or expert chefs, because that's not it. The Bite of Seattle is all about food, musicians, artists and entertainment. In short, the Bite of Seattle is what you all look for once a year! Interested in attending and enjoying this mega event? Well, browse through the internet and peep in the Bite of Seattle’s web page. You would find the dates of the event there so get your tickets booked and your bags packed on time. The web page of the festival is a very comprehensive guide to all the exhibitions, the concerts and all the other plans for enjoyment and excitement. Their official website is mentioned below: http://www.comcastbiteofseattle.com/ Year 2011 is going to enjoy this festival on fifteenth and seventeenth of July. The most
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