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Example – Newton’s second law 1. A 75 Kg man sitting in a 15 Kg cart exerts a 150 N force on the rope to pull himself up the 30 ° angle smooth ramp as shown. Find the acceleration of the man. ( Ans : 0.1 m/s 2 ) 2. A 75 Kg man stands on a scale in an elevator. The total mass of the elevator, man, and scale is 750 Kg. If the tension in the hoisting cable is 8100 N, find the apparent weight of the man. ( Ans : 810 N) 3. The small sphere (mass m ) is placed on the smooth inner surface of the spinning cone at a distance L from the bottom as shown. If the sphere moves with the cone without sliding along the surface, find the rotating frequency f of the cone and the force by the cone on the sphere. β f L 4. An 80 Kg pilot flies an airplane in a vertical circular loop at a constant speed. If the radius of the loop is 1000 m, and the pilot’s apparent weight at the top of the loop (an upside down position with the seat above him) is half the apparent weight when he is at the bottom of the loop, find the speed of the plane. ( Ans : 171 m/s)
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