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Cleaning a Sump Pump - Cleaning a Sump Pump A sump is an...

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Cleaning a Sump Pump A sump is an area which usually collects chemicals or water due to being lower in height than the surrounding areas. Now, coming over to a sump pump it is basically a pump that sucks out liquid and debris from the sump, normally installed in a basement. Their main objective is to reduce the risk of overflowing of water during floods or other situations. A sump pump is not something you will install once and then forget for the rest of your lives, thinking that your task is over. Overtime, dirt and liquids would start concentrating in the sump pump and chances of developing a bad smell and mold are quite high. Therefore, you would occasionally have to remove it and then clean the pump for effective functioning. So coming over to the removal of the sump pump, we would first of all have cut off the main electricity supply to the sump pump as safety should be your first priority. Usually separate breakers are assigned to the sump pump but if they are not, you could possibly turn off the supply of the entire basement. Next, you are to remove all the watery content
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