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Computer Repair Tools Computers have taken over our lives to such an extent that it has actually become intolerable to have a slow or nonfunctional PC for even a minute. Whether you use your computer for playing or for working, it has occupied space in your daily routines and thus becomes a crucial part of your life. Therefore, all of us should know how to repair our computer in case it goes down at a moment of utter emergency. To repair, we need to know about computer repair tools and most of us do- even those who don’t have very technological minds. These tools help in diagnosing the problems and repairing them. Now going over the details of such tools, you can group them into hardware tools and software tools. As you probably know that hardware tools deal with the problems in hardware devices while the software tools deal with errors in the software i.e. intangible parts of a computer. Hardware tools are namely the canned air, thermal cooling paste, three pronged grabbers, anti-static wrist bands and a lot more. On the other hand, anti-
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