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Fixing Tiles - Fixing Tiles It doesnt have to be the case...

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Fixing Tiles It doesn’t have to be the case all the time that a tile has been damaged to such an extent that it is beyond repair. Usually, dropping something heavy can chip or crack the tile bad enough that it can’t go unnoticeable. For such instances, it is not wise to replace a tile, wasting time and money, when it can be mended fairly enough. So, all you need are the right products, a little bit of skill plus decent hand-eye coordination and may be a bit of patience as well. Repairing a tile means you will have to do some shopping and follow some very easy procedures. These procedures can eventually fool everyone and they won’t ever realize it until you especially draw their attention towards the exact position of the crack or the chip. You would have to buy some high gloss oil paint- matching the color or tone of the tile that needs to be repaired, special oil based primer and a syringe of clear two-part marine epoxy. Now, you are supposed to clean the damaged area very thoroughly. It would be
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