Garage Door- A danger for children

Garage Door- A danger for children - Garage Door- A Danger...

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Garage Door- A Danger for Children Being extremely heavy and usually automatic makes the garage doors highly hazardous. Usually, children fantasize playing in garage doors and consider it a stunt to run through the garage door before it closes. This leads to getting trapped inside the garage and sometimes while darting under the door, children can lead to crushing of their fingers or any other body part. This can be very hazardous but these risks can be avoided if children are given the awareness, required for their own safety. In the past three decades, the number of accidents which lead to the death children ranged to above sixty. Usually, the victims are toddlers or children in early teens. The fault could partly be assigned to older models of garage doors, which do not reverse once it hits an object. Apart from that, the springs and other mechanisms are very forceful and can seriously cut off fingers. Some kids also died due to being trapped in the garages. Due to the rising number of accidents, garage door openers were redesigned so as to
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