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POOL - POOL CUE GAME Cue sports are games of skill played...

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POOL CUE GAME Cue sports are games of skill played with a cue stick. And one of its kinds is pool or also known as pocket billiards. The main aim of this game is to send the ball in one of the six pockets, situated at the rail of the pool table. The table is covered with felt. The balls used for pool are small and range from 2.25 inch to 2.375 inches in diameter. The game of pool is easy to learn but hard to master. The objective is to sink the numbered balls in the pockets by way of the white cue ball. The pool cue has a special feature; one end is thinner than the other. The cue ball is hit by the thin tip of the cue, the head is coated with pool chalk, done so to avoid damage to the cue ball and to make sure that the cue hits accurately. Players make a “bridge” on the table, support the cue stick in this bridge, and use your arm to glide the stick towards the cue ball. Two of the rules of this game are “scratching” and calling shots. Scratch is when a player shoots the cue ball in the pocket. This ball is then given to the
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