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Refinishing Wooden Floors

Refinishing Wooden Floors - Refinishing Wooden Floors The...

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Refinishing Wooden Floors The common man’s perception about refinishing a hardwood floor is if of a task that requires a lot of money to be accomplished. However, you could either opt for a very costly redoing or of one that manages to keep the costs low. There is no fixed cost for refinishing these floors. In fact, the costs can range from around $1.25 to even more than $4.00 per square foot. Apart from that, it is quite unlikely that you would do this job yourself as you require professional help. Therefore, make up your mind that you would have to bear high labor cost as well. It could be around $3.00 or even more. However, this is not the only factor as you might need to take into account a lot of other things too. Also, the above mentioned estimates of costs might vary due to economic conditions. Now coming to the condition of the floor, you cost might vary due to it as well. If your floor is damaged very poorly and you feel that it requires structural repairs, then you are supposed have them done before the refinishing. One important cost factor could be
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