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Commercial Garages Garage, especially a commercial garage, might refer to a petrol pump or an auto repair shop/workshop, a public parking space or a bus garage. In the olden times, a garage used to store, refill fuel, provide vehicle servicing and repairing. These were the basic functions of a commercial garage. However lately, the storage function has become quite rare. Even the other 3 basic operations are becoming highly distinct from one and other. Nowadays, if the repair garage sells petrol, it is quite strange if you see a mechanic working there too. The most extended mechanic service you might get would be inflation of your vehicle’s tyres! A new kind of business has emerged which specializes in the oil change service and is commonly seen operational at the petrol stations! As we have touched upon the topic of petrol stations, let’s elaborate on it now. A petrol station, also called a garage, basically provides fuel refilling services. But that's not the only service they offer in the modern era. Convenience stores are a common sight now at
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