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Electrician Sounds quite boring, doesn’t it? Well, an electrician is a skilled person who specializes in electrical wiring. The wiring could be of a building or a machine. They are also called upon for repair purposes of electrical setups. On the large scale, they are even specializing in the wiring of huge transport vehicles such as a ship or airplane- sounds a bit interesting now, doesn’t it? Working with hand tools or electric machines all day long can bore you death but without these electricians out there, life could be seriously hell. It’s hard to spend one single day with a messed up electrical device or due to wait of an angel who would come and install your new machine. So hats off to our electricians who have simplified our lives to a great extent! But they are not the only electricians that we come across in our daily lives. Obviously all electricians do almost the same job with little diversity but every field has an individual set meaning for their ‘electricians’. Taking the example of the theatre industry, they refer
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