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New York Boroughs - New York Boroughs New York is a major...

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New York Boroughs New York is a major leading attraction for immigrants, students, tourists, honeymoon couples, industrialists and all other classes of the world! New York State is made up of five regions and each of them is conterminous with a respective county of the state. Let’s discuss each of them in detail. Manhattan is most populated borough of the New York. Central Park and the majority of the skyscrapers are situated in Manhattan. It is also the financial center of the city and holds the headquarters of many major corporations, the UN, some major universities and endless cultural attractions. Each year thousands of travellers fly to Manhattan to visualize its fascinations with their own eyes. The Bronx is the northernmost borough of the New York City. It is the home of the famous Yankee Stadium and the Co-op City! It is the part of United States mainland. Bronx Zoo is situated here and it is the largest zoo in the United States. It is a popular spot for family fun and aims at saving the wildlife and the wild places. It holds world
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