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Parks of Seattle - Parks of Seattle Seattle is really a gem...

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Parks of Seattle Seattle is really a gem when it comes to variety in parks and open expanses. The beautiful areas can cater to you whether you want solitude or enjoyment with your group. Rather than jumping onto mere entertainment parks headfirst, let’s peep into the Woodland Park Zoo first- A top class zoo that keeps endless forms and kinds of wildlife! It is commended for its ingenious exhibitions, where the wildlife can wander at liberty in their "natural" habitations. It’s a surely fun place for families and groups. Children enjoy the monkey-like climb all the way through a play yard with fake spider webs- made of ropes, gigantic squirrel hideaways, and otter slides! The striking cats, exotic birds, jaguars and frogs in the Tropical Rain Forest make it appear as a South American wilderness. The elephants are kept in a setting which depicts a Thai village and the area reserved for them is known as The Asian Elephant Forest. The Northern Trail coils from one side to the other of the extremely hilly and rugged habitations of russet bears, wolves,
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