Portland - Portland Portland a city close to the...

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Portland Portland, a city close to the convergence of the Willamette and Columbia rivers in Oregon, is situated in the Northwestern United States. According to a population census in July 2009, 582,130 is the estimated population. This marks it as the 30 th most populous city in the entire United States, the 3 rd most populated city in the Pacific Northwest and Oregon's most densely inhabited city. In 1851 Portland was incorporated. It is the county seat of Multnomah County. The city outspreads to some extent into Washington Region on the western border and Clackamas Region in the southern. It is ruled by a commission-based government that is led by a mayor and 4 other administrators. The City of Portland is usually referred to as one of the most nature friendly or "green" cities in all around the globe. The city is renowned for their effective and firm land use policies and investment in light rail, which is maintained by a distinctive local government, Metro. The transit system includes buses, streetcars and historic trollies.
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Portland - Portland Portland a city close to the...

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