Wooden floors- but which one

Wooden floors- but which one - Wooden floors but which one...

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Wooden floors- but which one? Wooden flooring is emerging as a very popular means of enhancing your home or office décor. However, it can be quite an intricate decision about which material to go for, which laminations to choose, which color would suit your home or work area setting or may be what type of wooden floor would be more durable. Some basic guidelines might help you sort out a lot of those interlinked thoughts in your mind. Wooden floors are basically of three major types. The best quality and the of course the most expensive one is the solid hardwood. It can be acquired from some very unique species, namely teak and mahogany. However, those who can’t afford it don’t get disheartened, as you can surely go for oak, pine or maple as they are good enough too. But those who can afford a luxury like this should not miss on teak or mahogany as their look and feel is unparalleled. Solid hardwood certainly offers the maximum durability and sense of luxury. In fact, you wouldn’t be able to experience the feel of walking on
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