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Ngoro Ngoro Crater - Conservation Area The crater is almost...

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Ngoro Ngoro Crater The largest volcano crater across the globe in Ngoro Ngoro crater! In fact it is not a crater but a volcanic caldera. Moreover, it is not just any volcanic caldera but the largest undamaged, unbroken, unharmed caldera that has never been flooded. It was formed around three million years ago. Now most of us not familiar with the word “caldera” although it sounds like a cute girly name! Jokes apart, caldera is not similar to a crater although it is often mistaken to be. A crater is the top part of a volcano from which the magma emits when a volcano explodes. Whereas, when rather than exploding out the lava blows out under the ground- near the base- the entire volcano falls down. The molten lava makes a kind of ring surrounding the fallen volcano. Now this ring is called a caldera! Coming over to Ngoro Ngoro ‘caldera’, it is situated inside the Ngoro Ngoro
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Unformatted text preview: Conservation Area. The crater is almost 610 meters in depth and about 260 square kilometers area wise. The ridge on the western side is less steep but quite dry and thorny- although due to the bushes. Among the other springs, the Ngoitokitot Spring is the most famous of them all. It is even called the giver of life to the entire area around its location in the eastern side of the crater. The crater is home to many different species of wildlife and even the inhabitants protect this wildlife and take measures to make sure their reproduction is not disturbed or prevented. Due to the numerous unique attractions of Ngoro Ngoro crater, it is even called the 8 th natural wonder of the world. Peoples’ perception about Ngoro Ngoro Crater is usually quite interesting. It is considered to be a good hunting place and surely a place for an appetizing barbeque!...
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