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Lecture 5 - background the music-A theater is a shared...

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2/2/2011 Theater appreciation - What do we have now as evidence on when the theater started?? o Ancient Greece o Cave drawings (pre- history drawings) - The three driving impulse for theater o Enlightened : o Entertainment: Energy: Escape: people paid their money to escape from their problems and issues for 4 or 5 hours. o Education: pass along information from one generation to another - Exposition is the introduction of the play, that clarifies some key points in the play - Everything in the play has its own role, the clothes colors, painting in the
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Unformatted text preview: background, the music -A theater is a shared experience, unlike film, whatever happens on screen just happens, it doesn’t change!!!!-The first Oscar best picture winner was movie called “WIND” 1928, it was about planes.-Theater is an event that requires an actor/ audience relationship/agreement in a momentary suspension of disbelieve of imaginary circumstances • Audience actor 1- the director 2- play wright 3-designers ( 4 major categories) 4- producer...
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