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Lecture 6 - poetry. • Physical communication between...

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Lecture 6 2/7/11 Theater appreciation Joe Disher Theater appreciation does not mean that everybody should like the theater, but we have to appreciate the work, effort, time and money being “Kingdom for a stage” “sum up a whole time in an hour glass!” Appreciate theater by using the imagination. Willing suspension of disbelief Help actors to create the imaginary world. Shakespeare was written to be watched not to be heard or read!!! Rehear all what is being said!! Shakespeare was not written in old or middle English!!!! It was written in early modern English!!! Same language we are speaking right now, but with little different words. Shakespeare used 4 or 5 words instead of 2 words because he was writing
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Unformatted text preview: poetry. • Physical communication between people has evolved! Even shaking hands had changed. • We went from regular mail copier……. .etc till facebook and text messaging • Goodbye= GOD be with you • “But soft; /what light/ thru youn/der win/dow breaks?” romeo and Juliet o Unstressed is underlined…… the others are stressed. It also resembles the heartbeat. • Shakespeare wrote his plays in spec……= line is divided into 10 syllables • I am= I amb are 2 syllables. basic line in Shakespeare’s consists of 10 syllables • He wrote his plays to the rhythms of the human heart beat something that everybody have! • Shakespeare should really be seen not read or heard!!! •...
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