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Lecture 10 2/21/11 Bowers: Mime clown Bowler hat French Performing in new york city White face No word script Props It is an of performing without words, it tries to give you that thing that u cannot see It is collaborate between the actor and the audience. He played zazu in the lion king cartoon. “two weeks notice” movie. The silver dollar swim: o Cowboy: Lucky Scared Went to a bar Felt bad after killing the other guy accidently Charlie Chaplin:
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Unformatted text preview: • Montana moon • White face mime tradiotion: o To show more expression. Because no sun is reflected on it. o Erases who u really are o Neutral mask o Originalty: started in roman Comedia d’la arte. They were travelling around and there was a guy called pedro and he was playing a role of a clutse and as a bakery son, who got flour blown all over his face. Then the play got developed to that pedro started to paint his face in white o...
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