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Lecture 18 - o the playwright should have clarified more...

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4/11/11 Theater appreciation Tracing Nora discussion: o the play has some following issues. o It was the first production of the play, it still needs a little work. o The playwright could have ended the play in a more interesting way. o The scene when kim was saying goodbye to her friend was totally disconnected from the play. o The father was out of his role. He seemed not to understand what was going on.
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Unformatted text preview: o the playwright should have clarified more about Nora finding herself. o The fishing scene was misplaced, the death of kim should have been the end of the play. o The point the door shuts/slams was the breaking of ice to the audience. o Ned was the only caring person about kim when nora and the father were arguing with each other. o...
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