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Lecture 19 - he is able to replace any person in the play...

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Lecture 19 4/13/11 Theater appreciation. Midsummer night’s dream. o the costumes were some kind of crap. o Shakespeare wrote this play in the Elizabethan era. the grounding ( the mob) used to stay in the front part of the theater, where they had to stand for the whole show, while the upper class had to sit a little in the middle and the back. o The play had an unclear flow of ideas. The stage manager: o His rules: Runs/ organizes all the technical activities of the show Calles all the quos of the show Rehearsing all the understudies. Understudies: the person who knows all the roles in the play and
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Unformatted text preview: he is able to replace any person in the play. Reinterpret the script- If u r a • swing: they play multiple roles, and are capable to replace anybody. • standby: a person who are there just to replace whoever not there Knows what the director intend to do. He needs to go back to the original director for directions. Prompt book: it is a journal or a diary of every single thing for a play that any stage manager wants to know. It should be written by the original stage manager....
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