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Lecture 20 - rehearsal which is the quick change or when...

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Lecture 20 4/18/11 Theater appreciation. Cont. stage manager: o Without a prompt book the show cannot go on. o The prompt book is a key piece of information for the show throughout its production life. o There is a standardization for the prompt book The stage manager creates a book with blank page in front of each page of the script, during rehearsal, the stage manager writes down each single walking or blocking the director says. Every single incidence is described in details in that blank page. In the prompt book, the stage manager also writes down each piece of information passed from the director to the actors. It is simply the director’s ideas and advices to the actors. The blank margin around the script page remains blank till the tech
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Unformatted text preview: rehearsal which is the quick change or when something needs to be fixed. In the tech rehearsal every actor should try his outfit. There are three quos 1. warning 2. Standby 3. Go • War horse: o The most wonderful scene was when the two soldiers flipped the coin to decide who will keep Joey. They were both speaking English but that signified that each one was speaking a different language. o The way the general was hit by the turbid which they hit him and take him out of the stage. o The way the German officer died was pain to some people because they started to feel that they are getting to know him more and more but he died. o...
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