Lecture 23

Lecture 23 - budget and the spending • They are closed...

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Lecture 23 4/27/11 Theater appreciation. Producer o Not for profit producer: Most of theater we encounter. Responsible for maintaining the budget Make sure that almost everyone acting is volunteering Still be paid Taking the money of the profit and put it into new productions. Typically whatever you take in (earn income) is not enough for production costs. They use donors’ money: o Private donation. o Corporation Tax cuts… Advertising and selling their products o Government To improve the quality of life through enlightens art and education. o Anonymous Not to be asked for more Not to be treated differently o Foundations: Through some source the organization is given a bunch of money, through a state, or a will. o All these categories make up the difference between the
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Unformatted text preview: budget and the spending!!! • They are closed ended theater. . number of performances are limited. o For profit producer: Commercial theater. the profit goes to investor share holders. For profit theaters are found in large cities because: • Tourists They are open ended theater. They have performances for an un-ended season. • They decide to stop an open ended run, the producer has to make sure that he got all the capitalization back o Capitalization : all the money spend from the rehearsal to the opening night (first audience) o Weekly nut: it the weekly production costs for a certain show. o NEA: the national education association...
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Lecture 23 - budget and the spending • They are closed...

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