Lecture 24

Lecture 24 - Angle of light projection Color o Color evokes...

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Lecture 24 5/2/11 Theater appreciation Fox on the fairway: o The set made audiences feel comfortable. o The farce was to tell a lie then get stuck then, tell a bigger lie, then get stuck then tell the biggest lie which turns to be the truth. Design elements: o Lighting design: It started with the sun Then went to the candles and reflectors Then the electricity Three major control of light mechanisms : Intensity of light
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Unformatted text preview: Angle of light projection Color o Color evokes mode o Color Gels to have a specific color o Computers today have the control on the whole light settings. o Subliminal cue: it is the cue that executes the light cue. Raisin in the sun: o The set was so real o Vanessa wasnt acceptable in the sister role, she was too small o The cast wasnt in the appropriate age o...
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