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Biology outline - Chapter 1 Outline A View of Life I. Three...

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Chapter 1 Outline – A View of Life I. Three Basic Themes a. Evolution i. Organisms have evolved through time from earlier forms of life b. Information Transfer i. Information must be transmitted within and among organisms c. Energy Transfer i. All life processes require continuous energy II. Characteristics of Life a. Organisms are composed of cells i. Cells are the basic unit of life 1. Unicellular organisms 2. Multicellular organisms 3. Prokaryotic cells a. Bacteria and archaea b. Structurally simpler c. No nucleus or membrane enclosed organelles 4. Eukaryotic cells a. All other forms of life b. Complex c. Hass nucleus and membrane enclosed organelles ii. Cell theory is a fundamental unifying concept of biology b. Organisms grow and develop i. Biological growth 1. Increase in size or number of cells of an organism ii. Development 1. All changes that take place during an organisms life c. Organisms regulate their metabolic processes i. Metabolism 1. The sum of all chemical activities in the organisms ii. Homeostasis 1. Appropriate, balanced internal environment d. Organisms respond to stimuli i. Stimuli 1. Physical or chemical changes in the internal or external environment e. Organisms Reproduce i. Asexual reproduction ii. Sexual reproduction f. Populations evolve and adapt i. Adaptation 1. Inherited characteristics that enhance the ability to survive III. Levels of Biological Organization a. Atom b. Molecule c. Cell
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d. Tissue
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Biology outline - Chapter 1 Outline A View of Life I. Three...

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