rect10_vallillo_Proj0223 - %Joseph Vallillo % Recitation 10...

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Unformatted text preview: %Joseph Vallillo % Recitation 10 clear;clc client=0; total=0; stop=1; while stop==1 % Initial Menu enter=menu('Enter Option:','User','Administrator','Quit Program'); % Lot Menu if (enter==1) lot=menu('Select the lot that you parked in:','A','B','C','P3','P4','L6'); % Input and calculate for Lot A, B, or C if (lot==1||lot==2||lot==3) disp('How long have you parked for?:') week = input('Weeks:'); while (week<0) disp(' ') disp('Enter weeks 0 or greater') week=input('Weeks:'); end day = input('Days (0-6):'); while (day>6||day<0) disp(' ') disp('Enters days between 0-6.') day = input('Days (0-6):'); end hour = input('Hours (0-23):'); while (hour>23||hour<0) disp(' ') disp('Enters hours between 0-23.') hour = input('Hours (0-23):'); end minute = input('Minutes (0-59):'); while (minute>59||minute<0) disp(' ') disp('Enters minutes between 0-59.') minute = input('Minutes (0-59):'); end %Calculate cost for A,B,C weeks=fix(week)*231;days=fix(day)*33;hours=fix(hour); if (hour>5) cost=weeks+days+33;client=client+1;total=total+cost; fprintf('Bill amount: $ %.2f\n',cost) elseif (hour<=5&&hour>0) if minute>0 cost=weeks+days+ (hours*6)+3;client=client+1;total=total+cost; fprintf('Bill amount: $ %.2f\n',cost) elseif minute==0 cost=weeks+days+(hours*6);client=client+1;total=total+cost; fprintf('Bill amount: $ %.2f\n',cost) end elseif (hour==0) if (minute>0&&minute<=30) cost=weeks+days+3;client=client+1;total=total+cost; fprintf('Bill amount: $ %.2f\n',cost) elseif (minute>30) cost=weeks+days+6;client=client+1;total=total+cost; fprintf('Bill amount: $ %.2f\n',cost) elseif (minute==0)...
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This note was uploaded on 10/27/2011 for the course BIO 101 taught by Professor Martin during the Spring '08 term at Rutgers.

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rect10_vallillo_Proj0223 - %Joseph Vallillo % Recitation 10...

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