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%% Problem 3 %Joseph Vallillo - Recitation 10 clear;clc datestr(now) %This function displays the date and time that the m file is ran x=10000000; while (x<=99999999) if(isprime(x)) fprintf('The smallest 8 digit prime number is %1.0f\n',x) break end x=x+1; end %% Problem 4 student(1).name='Joseph';student(1).age='19 years';student(1).major='Biomedical
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Unformatted text preview: Engineering';student(2).name='Daniel';student(2).age='18 years';student(2).major='Accounting'; for x=1:2 fprintf('%s is %s of age and is studying %s\n',student(x).name,student(x).age,student(x).major) end...
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