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Dennis Chia Per. 6 Medical Advancements Questions 1. What was the main reason behind the discovery and creation of Penicillin? (To find a bacteria that would cure, and not harm the human body, simple wounds that soldiers have been dying from during the two world wars.) 2. What are two main scans that doctors use to see the effects, structures and functions of the human body? (MRI scan and CAT scan) 3. What is so important about the Human Genome Project? (It is a way to find out how the DNA of humans really works, it also helps to find ways in
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Unformatted text preview: understanding the mutations of genes and how to prevent gene mutation and cure genetic diseases. It also helps humans trace our own ancestries and how DNA have evolve over time. ) 4. This mans research helped find the drug penicillin, who was also later credited for the discovery of Penicillin. (Alexander Fleming) 5. This vitamin helps in clotting of blood and is mostly found in greens. (Vitamin K)...
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