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Dennis Chia Per. 5 Outline for Era of Independence Essay I.  Intro - Full Scale Assault On Dependency  - Thesis: “The Revolution  became a full scale assault on dependency” in the British North America on voting rights and the influence of landowners as well as the removal of the wealthy families and their status, and in Latin America dependency was as well true as they try to break away from the European unjust rule and take up their own arms. II. Vote and Landowning Influence - Voting rights only to landowning man - Non-landowners are easily influence by landowners - “to prevent the undue and overwhelming influence of great landholders in elections.” (Wood, 178) III. Family Status - Wealthiest families removed - Dependent on the Crown for their status - They went were Crown went - “ Private Friendships are broken off” (Wood,176) And families and their connections became “totally unhinged” (Wood,176) IV. Latin America - Wanted to control their own lives and dependent on themselves
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