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Jim Crow - Chia 1 Dennis Chia Mr Ron Smith English 11...

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Chia 1 Dennis Chia Mr. Ron Smith English 11, Period 4 3 March 2007 Conflicts of a Friendship “Larry, we shouldn’t go in there, we are just going to get in deep trouble.” said Elliot. Larry wouldn’t listen, he went straight into the restaurant pulling Elliot with him. Larry was white and Elliot was black, going into an all white restaurant caused a stir, even if there weren’t a sign. In the 1920s it was the law, the Jim Crow Laws. “Jim Crow was more than a series of rigid anti-Black laws. It was a way of life.” (Pilgrim). Under these laws, everything was segregated, schools, churches, restaurants, and even bathrooms. Larry and Elliot were unable to do anything in the outside world with such laws, and they usually didn’t. Such segregation that impact most were of public services, schools, and relationships. Everywhere in town was segregated, Elliot and Larry couldn’t have gone anywhere together. When riding on the bus they had to split up, with Elliot sitting in the back and Larry in the front. “Theaters. ..shall separate the white race and the colored race and shall set apart and
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Jim Crow - Chia 1 Dennis Chia Mr Ron Smith English 11...

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