mgmt ch1 tst - Which of the following actions would not...

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Which of the following actions would not typically be employed by senior executives with strong ethical convictions? a. Placing organizational checks and balances in place to monitor employee behaviors b. Clearly indicating all company personnel are expected to act with integrity c. Forbidding the pursuit of ethically questionable business opportunities d. Ensuring each element of the company’s strategy complies only with legal standards e. Providing guidance to employees regarding gray areas related to ethical behaviors A company’s strategy stands a better chance of succeeding when a. it is developed through a collaborative process involving managers from all levels of the organization. b. managers employ conservative strategic moves. c. it is predicated on competititive moves aimed at appealing to buyers in ways that set the company apart from rivals. d. managers copy the strategic moves of successful companies in its industry. e. managers focus on meeting or beating shareholder expectations A company's strategy can be considered “unethical” or shady a. if any of its actions constitute “unfair competition.” b. if the company engages in actions or behaviors that are contrary to the general public interest. c. if the company’s actions/behaviors are harmful to its stakeholders—customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, and the communities in which the company operates. d. if it entails actions or behaviors that cross the moral line from “can do” to “should not do” (because such actions are “unsavory” or unconscionable or unnecessarily harmful to the environment). e. All of the above call the company’s actions/behaviors into question from an ethical
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mgmt ch1 tst - Which of the following actions would not...

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