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Nahu Oceguera 12-4-10 1 st Reflection Essay This was a very interesting project. I found many intriguing things but what caught my attention. First of all I was very interested in how everything we study is found in nature in one way or another. It is sort of like that in school we are learning about nature and all of its wonders. What caught my attention the most was that prisms are valuable. I just thought that nature was not worth my time this project taught me otherwise. In this project I learned how to use PowerPoint and that it can be use in many projects to make them easier to complete. Also that nature is very important to our everyday lives. There isn’t an easy way to do your work you can’t procrastinate or else you fall behind. Planning in the end does help. I learned some new
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Unformatted text preview: vocabulary words. As I said before my favorite slide in my project was the prisms. They were important to me because of the fact that crystals which are prisms are valuable. Also it was appealing to me because as I was looking for my picture I also researched prisms and crystals. I learned that there are many different kinds of forms of prisms. These prisms range from simple to complex. The easiest figure to find was the sphere. Mostly because I see the sun, an example of a sphere. The hardest find was the fractal. I had never seen a fractal before until I researched it. I ended up find a sort of broccoli which fell into that range....
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