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Challenges of a Paper - The three challenges that might...

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The three challenges that might arise when writing a paper would have to be run-on sentences, fragments, and punctuations. These three topics always have been a problem; ever since I could write an essay or paper because the three of them tend to confuse me when I write. I become confused and lost because I don’t know if I’m creating a run-on, or if I’m not using the right punctuation. As for fragments I have had some errors with that in my last class, and now I feel that this will become a problem too. When I am writing I do try to correct my mistakes when I am finish, and look over my writing to see if I have to change anything. I do a little changing thinking I am changing the correct mistakes but once I receive my feedback it be the wrong changes, and another problem occurs. All three of these topics all circle around each other, and you must have good sentences that have the right punctuation to avoid run-ons, and your sentences must express a complete thought to avoid creating a fragment sentence. I think my
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