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Outline Title: “Americans should not use credit cards” I. Introduction A. Have you every purchased a credit cards and thought that it was the worst mistake you ever made? Credit cards can be tempting buy you have to learn how to use them wisely in order to avoid financial problems. B. Many Americans are not aware of the effects that credit cards have on them. Credit cards can lead to debt and other financial problems if you do not use them wisely. II. Body A. Debt 1. Debt counseling services (care one credit, family credit, consumer affairs etc.) 2. How long it will take you to get out of debt B. Increased interest rates 1. Pay off balances every month to avoid increased rates 2. Do not go over spending limit C. Budgetary simplicity 1. Use cash or debit cards to pay for purchases 2. Using cash or debit helps you stay on a budget 3. If you use a credit card you budget will be off track. D.
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