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Topic “Americans should not use credit cards” Americans need to understand that most credit cards are not good for them. My point on this is the high interest rates on credit cards people do not have a full understanding of these rates, along with rates there are fee’s that are applied to the use of the credit card. These two issues are becoming a problem for most credit card holders, and I plan to discuss more of this when I write my paper. Credit cards have so many disadvantages behind them, and Americans need to understand that when having a credit card you must be responsible for what you use it for. Credit cards can lead people into debt that they cannot get out of and most people do not get a credit card because of the consequences behind it. I am a victim of having a credit card and the outcome of my situation has not been the best, and because of this situation I have chosen this topic to relate too. People who tend to get credit cards do not worry about the expenses that
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